AVAS EXPORT-IMPORT - rýžový olej


Acumulating evidence favours the view that increased intake of dietary fibre in an otherwise low-fibre diet can have beneficial effects in both human and experimental animals. These benefits include prevention or alleviation of maladies such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, diverticulosis and colon cancer. Studies have repeatedly shown that rice cake gives interesting health benefits.

Based on our cooperation with company Surin Bran Oil Co., Ltd. that is focused on production of rice bran oil, we can offer you defatted extracted rice cake that is a by-product from the production of this oil.


Defatted extracted rice cake has many advantages. It contains more than 16 % of protein and the content of fibre can be up to 10 %. Defatted extracted rice cake has a very long shelf life due to a low content of fat and moisture. It doesn´t contain any patogenous bacterias, such as Salmonella spp. or E.coli or mycotoxines. Rice, that rice cake is made of, is not genetically modified.


There are two types of rice cake available: for food industry and for feed industry.

Powdered purified form is intended for food application. It is a beneficial additive to bread and other food. It increases the content of fibre that results in higher health effect of the named food. Rice cake can be also applied in a production of spice mixtures where it can substitute usually used wheat or corn.

For feed industry we offer rice cake that is not purified - it can contains small particles of rice grains. Rice cake can be added to formulations for a production of feedstuff or it can be consumed directly too. It is suitable for cattle, pigs, poultry but also for horses. Our company is registered importer of defatted extracted rice cake to European Union based on resolution of Central Institute for supervising and testing in agriculture dated to 05.06.2008.